About Us

Betterbilt Chemical ® incorporated 1970 and quickly became a leader in the plumbing and janitorial chemical sector in Southern California.   Today, Betterbilt Chemical is the retail arm of

The Starco Group.

Betterbilt Chemical manufactures Betterbilt branded products and is private label manufacturer.  Betterbilt's products are sold in the Hardware, Plumbing, DIY, Big Box, Paint Store and Grocery channels. Betterbilt is also called on to handle difficult materials in a best-of-class manner that exceeds local, state, national and international regulatory compliance.

Betterbilt operates with technology, safety and environmental stewardship as top priorities. Our solutions provide our clients with high performing, environmentally awake and economically viable products from a development, commercialization and socioeconomic perspective.

Our mission is to invent environmentally aware and consumer safe solutions
that have a constructive and beneficial global impact.

Betterbilt's corporate culture reflects our belief that environmentally destructive approaches to problem solving in any industry are no longer viable. Our primary motivation is an unyielding commitment to further develop environmentally sensitive products that will help corporations, governments and citizens overcome a wide range of environmental, operational and infrastructural problems.

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