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Clean-Line exhibits migrational properties and is odorless.  Clean-Line is a non-toxic, non-flammable and water-soluble drain cleaner.  Clean-Line is designed for extreme performance and maximum consumer safety. 

Clean-Line fosters a chemical reaction with organic matter and structurally converts hydrocarbons into a soluble mixture of oil, salt and lipid that flows.  These constituents are the basic and technical ingredients of generic soap and once converted aid in Clean-Lines overall functionality and detergency. This conversion allows uniform flow properties and ensures safe and effective penetration. 

Clean-Line’s potency and performance assures maximum results plus greater economy for regular preventative maintenance schedules. This compatible opener can tackle extensive clogs effectively and safely. 

When used regularly it will keep your system flowing and odor free.


Maximum consumer safety


Chemical converter

Allows for uniform flow




For existing clogs Clean-Line is a ready to use product.  For ongoing usage, use 1 cup per one-inch drain per week with a regularly scheduled maintenance program.  Please see MSDS before use.

Packaging:  32oz., ½-gal, 1-gal.

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